Internet Explorer Mobile 6 coming soon, emulator out now

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.13.08

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Internet Explorer Mobile 6 coming soon, emulator out now
In all honesty, Internet Explorer Mobile would've done good to come out yesterday (or the day / week / month before), but we guess the slow and steady approach may pay off eventually. Hot on the heels of Mobile Firefox comes word that the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Emulator is available now for developers to tinker with, which is sure to excite throngs of coders across the web. For all of you out there simply waiting for a better browsing experience within IE Mobile, you're treated to yet another "coming soon" message. Still, we're totally looking forward to support for "full fidelity desktop rendering," enhanced Script / AJAX support, improved handling of multimedia and touch / gesture support, we just wish all of this was available already.

[Via UnwiredView]
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