Netflix no longer carrying HD DVDs as of December 15th

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.13.08

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Things, they are a-changing at Netflix. It implements HD streaming on the Xbox 360, hires a new fellow to focus specifically on digital distribution, cans the art of selling secondhand DVDs and now, it's putting the kibosh on the remnants of HD DVD. If you'll recall, the rental firm chose to go Blu-ray exclusive back in February, and frankly, we're surprised the dangling love affair with the now-defunct format has lasted this long. Based on e-mails shot around to HD DVD renters, we're informed that the outfit will "no longer carry HD DVDs" effective December 15th; if you insist on keeping your HD DVDs in your queue, Netflix will kindly replace them with DVDs and go about its merry way. One more reminder of the brutal format war that was, but we'll never (ever) forget.

[Thanks, Shawn]
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