Metal Gear Online's MEME hitting the scene on Nov. 25

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|11.17.08

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Those of you still keen on Metal Gear Online's multiplayer scene take note: The MEME expansion pack will officially careen onto servers on Nov. 25 (pre-order it on Nov. 18, if you wish), priced at a not-too-obscene $9.99. It'll also be bundled with the previous GENE pack for $14.99, ideal for players still lean on downloadable content for Hideo Kojima's epic most Byzantine.

Joining the battlefield (as seen in three new maps) are Mei Ling and perpetual source of mean, Liquid Ocelot. We look forward to shooting him in the, uh ... spleen?

What a stupid, stupid post.

MEME expansion details:

Three new maps: Silo Sunset (from Portable Ops), Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse

Two new special characters
  • Liquid Ocelot - Has the ability to manipulate the Sons of the Patriots lock system with the Guns of the Patriots ability. In multiplayer, the Guns of the Patriots deactivates targeted enemies' entire weapon system
  • Mei Ling - Has three special techniques - Trench Mortar, Soliton Sonar, and the ability to transfix an enemy
Additional Rules and Settings - These can be played without purchasing the second expansion pack
  • No Headshot Setting: In this setting, headshots do not equal instant death. Headshots will cause the same amount of damage as a regular shot to the body
  • Stealth Death Match: In this mode, you will begin the match with stealth turned on
  • Interval: In this mode, players can practice strategy and also chat with each other without worrying about ranking or records
Official Tournament Lobby
  • Enables players to compete in a series of difficult battles where the winning player wins in-game gear and/or reward points that can be spent on character customization
New Avatar Gear - Players can also customize their avatar with comical gear
  • Crocodile Cap: featured in Metal Gear Solid 3
  • New Hair Styles
  • Ghillie Suite: Metal Gear Solid 3's sniper boss camo
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