Gallo decides it's time, ships its TR-3 subwoofer

Steven Kim
S. Kim|11.23.08

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Gallo decides it's time, ships its TR-3 subwoofer
Gallo TR-3 subwoofer
Famous for its "sound in the round" spherical speakers, Gallo has started shipping its latest subwoofer, the TR-3. It's been a while since the TR-3 was first shown off at CEDIA last year, but fans of the brand who want a little more oomph from the bass will be happy with the specs. Building on the TR-2 predecessor, the TR-3 packs a 300-Watt amplifier and an equalizer good for 6dB of boost into the cylindrical enclosure, resulting in response down to 22Hz. To help achieve good integration with the main speakers, the crossover is continuously-variable from 50Hz right up to the fixed 80Hz high-pass filter.
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