ASTRO's Roadie / Mission fake instrument gig bags are way too serious

ASTRO Gaming, the same outfit responsible for the A40 gaming headset, is dishing out a new pair of gig bags that'll go perfectly with your Rock Band drum bag. Up first is the Roadie, which is designed to hold a pair of Rock Band / Guitar Hero axes with enough room for a slim PlayStation 2 or a few of your musical video game titles. The Mission complete system gear bag is built to carry any current-generation game console (though we don't see any reason why an Atari Jaguar wouldn't fit in as well) along with most every accessory you can think of -- spare Wiimote straps and Salt & Vinegar chips included. Both pieces are available for pre-order right now, though we can't imagine too many of you buying in with the absolutely ludicrous $99.95 / $129.95 prices. Seriously, can you not buy a real Fender hardshell for less than that? Full release is after the break.

ASTRO Gaming Moves You (and Your Gear) with the Debut of the Transport Series

'Roadie' and 'Mission' Bags Give Gamers the Perfect Means to Mobilize

SAN FRANCISCO - Nov. 25, 2008 - ASTRO Gaming, the gaming gear company behind the acclaimed A40 Headset and Audio System, is giving gamers a much-needed respite from the dreaded task of transporting all their stuff with the debut of the Transport Series of gaming bags. The first entries in the Transport Series are the Roadie and Mission bags, which can be preordered today from, and will be available for purchase on December 15.

"At ASTRO Gaming, we design products for the challenges of the pro gamer lifestyle, and the Roadie and Mission bags enable gamers to protect their investments and travel in style," said Jordan Reiss, co-founder and vice president of ASTRO Gaming. "Fans of the A40 know that ASTRO Gaming is all about helping gamers achieve maximum performance, and the Transport Series continues that tradition."

The Roadie dual guitar controller ($99.95) case cradles two of any gamers' prized axes for Guitar Hero or Rock Band, while also comfortably fitting a PlayStation®2 Slim. Aspiring rock stars – whether competing professionally or just having an impromptu jam session at a friend's place – no longer have to lug their fake plastic instruments with dangling cords if they use the ruggedized Roadie bag.

The Mission complete system gear bag ($129.95) transports everything. Well, maybe not everything, but close – it securely moves a current-generation game console, power supply and controllers, leaving tons of extra room for personal effects. With three roomy pockets for stashing additional gear, the Mission is a veritable endless loot bag for gamers in motion.

The first two Transport Series products are available for preorder at, and will be available for purchase on December 15. The A40 Headset and MixAmp, a tournament-grade headset and premium voice/game audio mixer that combine to form the A40 Audio System, are currently available for purchase.