Holidaze 2008: Best of Black Friday

Ross Miller
R. Miller|11.25.08

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Holidaze 2008: Best of Black Friday
Note: No, the starred letters in this image don't rearrange to spell out Braid.
We don't know what you're talking about. Nothing to see here, move along.

Now that you've had a taste of our complete (and completely awesome) Black Friday shopping guide, we thought it best to give you a more concise edition to digest. Introducing: "The Best of the Best of Black Friday 2008" ...

But first, some Joytips:
  • There are two excellent Xbox 360 deals: (1) At Target, scoop the Pro Bundle ($300; 60GB HDD) with bonus $50 gift card, which is good for: Call of Duty: World at War ($49); or an EA 2-pack: Dead Space ($30) and Burnout Paradise ($20); or Halo 3 ($30) and 3-month Xbox Live Card ($15 -- with $5 to spare!); or (2) Circuit City's Arcade Bundle ($200), which packs in an extra wireless controller and refurbished 20GB hard drive on top of the other goodies.
  • Best Buy is the only featured retailer with a Black Friday PlayStation 3 bundle ($400) with Ratchet & Clank and the first "new" 007 on Blu-ray
  • Sam's Club (not featured in our guide) has the only notable Wii Bundle ($425 -- not $224 as originally rumored), which includes 3 extra Wiimote-Nunchuk sets, Mario Super Sluggers and King of Clubs: Mini Golf ($115 total savings); good luck duking it out for this one!
  • In case you missed one of the better third-party Wii games of the year (and plenty of Wii owners did), Boom Blox ($20) is discounted at Target
  • Now's a great time to cop some of last year's best, like Bioshock, The Orange Box ($20 each at Circuit City) and Halo 3 ($30 at Target)
  • In general, there are some great PS2 deals to be had ... if you're still living in the past-gen (and let's not forget GameStop is selling pre-owned original Xboxes and GameCubes for $40 and $30, respectively -- just don't assume your kids won't know they've recieved hand-me-downs)
Quick-search the best deals:
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best buy
PS3 80GB Bundle
w/ bonus game & movie
PS3 $399.99 [$100]
Includes: PS3 80GB; plus Ratchet & Clank Future and Casino Royale Blu-ray movie

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circuit city

Xbox 360 Arcade
Bundle w/ bonus
controller & HDD
X360 $199.99 [$110]
Includes: Xbox 360 Arcade console (w/ 256MB Memory Unit, Sega Superstars Tennis & 5 XBLA games: Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket, Pac-Man Championship Edition & Uno); plus second wireless controller & refurbished 20GB hard drive
Okami Wii $19.99 [$20]

X360 $19.99 [$10]
Guitar Hero 3
Wireless Bundle
$54.99 [$45]

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Name X360 $FREE* [Save $40]
Doorbuster! (7-11 am); *Free with purchase of Xbox 360 Arcade, Pro or Elite Holiday Bundle
Rock Band
Track Pack: Vol. 2
X360 99¢* [$29]
Doorbuster! (7-11 am); *$0.99 with purchase of any Rock Band game or bundle $49.99 and up
Guitar Hero 3
Wireless Les Paul
PS3 $44.99 [$25]
Joytip: Consult our Instrument Compatibility Matrix to learn which games this controller is compatible with.
PSP Memory Stick
Pro Duo 4.0GB
PSP $24.99 [$25]
Doorbuster! (7-11 am)

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Xbox 360 Pro
Holiday Bundle
w/ $50 gift card
X360 $299.99 [None]
Includes: Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle (w/ 60GB HDD, Lego Indiana Jones & Kung Fu Panda); plus $30 gift card
Boom Blox Wii $20 [$20]

Dead Space X360
$30 [$30]

Halo 3
X360 $30 [$30]

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toys r us

Guitar Hero 3
Guitar Bundle
$49.99 [$50]
Doorbuster! (5am-1pm)

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Xbox 360 Arcade
Holiday Bundle
w/ Guitar Hero 3
X360 $199 [$100]
Includes: Xbox 360 Arcade console (w/ 256MB Memory Unit, Sega Superstars Tennis & 5 XBLA games: Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket, Pac-Man Championship Edition & Uno); plus Guitar Hero 3 and wireless guitar
Guitar Hero 3 &
(software only)
$50 [$40-$50]

Guitar Hero 1-3 &
Rock the '80s
(software only)
PS2 $50 [$100]

Bully PS2 $10 [$10]

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