XPS 1340 appears on Dell's website in name only

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Donald Melanson
November 25th, 2008
XPS 1340 appears on Dell's website in name only

It's just been a few short days since Dell's still unofficial Inspiron 1425 made an impromptu appearance on the company's website, but it doesn't look like the leaks are showing any signs of stopping just yet, with the also unannounced XPS 1340 now making its debut in an equally roundabout manner. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that it'll apparently have a 64GB SSD option, there aren't exactly many details to be found on the system, although it seems pretty safe to bet that it'll be an update of some sort to the popular XPS m1330. Unless, of course, Dell intends to make its line-up even more unnecessarily confusing, which is also a possibility.

[Thanks, Omer]
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