Roku streaming problem really a Netflix problem?

We can't say for certain that Netflix is at fault here, but it's beginning to sound like Roku isn't at all / entirely to blame for recent quality issues that have been plaguing users. For weeks now, Roku Netflix Player owners have noticed an almost universal drop in quality dots (which range from 1 to 4 in order to show quality levels), with many finding the new feeds "unwatchable." CNET recently had a talk with Tim Twerdahl, vice president of consumer products at Roku, about the issue, and according to Tim, all he knows is that "Roku didn't make any changes." Furthermore, we've seen comments in our own posts noting that other Netflix-enabled boxes are also seeing the quality drop. The worst part is that there's still no definitive solution in sight, so we suppose our only advice is to kick back and watch Netflix and Roku bicker over who's really to blame.

[Image courtesy of AeonScope, thanks Tyler]