Mythic owns up to Warhammer Online contribution problem

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|12.06.08

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Mythic owns up to Warhammer Online contribution problem

In a bid to make us all feel slightly uncomfortable while at the same time explaining the source of the Warhammer Online RvR contribution issue that players recently uncovered, Paul Barnett has posted a new video. The reason we say that the video makes a person slightly uncomfortable is because, well, we've just never seen a developer being wrist-slapped in person before. It's one of those wild things that we all assume happens, but are never privy too. Although really, you can feel the video's mix of "funny ha-ha" and "you're a twit" as you watch it.

So it's all mostly on the humorous side with Barnett starting off by explaining that a tiny piece of crazy code originally intended for Public Quests was supposedly removed from the game prior to ship. It turns out that wasn't true, and the code found its way into the RvR influence system only to muck up the whole game from it's cozy new home. Unfortunately, Mythic is only able to say that the patch fix is coming "soon" and leave us hanging until then -- hopefully "then" and "soon" end up being sometime this month.

Still, good on Mythic for owning up to the mistake It would've been easy enough for them to just fix the code quietly and move on, but they decided to be honest and upfront with the community instead. You can find Paul's video after the break, or catch Lum's lengthier breakdown of the video on Broken Toys.

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