Time Warner Cable adds QVC HD, five others in Albany, NY

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.07.08

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As proud members of the internet generation, we here at Engadget HD will never quite understand the desire to waste bandwidth on a channel like QVC HD, but we suppose the seniors are more apt to buy things they can actually see, right? Rambling aside, the point here is to inform you that six new high-def channels have dropped in Albany, just a month (and change) after Time Warner Cable announced that the region was now offering over 100 HD and On Demand options. The newcomers include FX HD (1829), Cartoon Network HD (1832), SPEED HD (1877), NY1 HD (1859), Golf HD (1865) and the infamous QVC HD (1822). We know which one you're tuning to first.

[Thanks, Bradley]
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