Breakfast Topic: What's the First thing you did when you got to Dalaran?

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|12.14.08

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Breakfast Topic: What's the First thing you did when you got to Dalaran?
So Alex's latest Know Your Lore on Dalaran got me thinking. Now, some part of me is still sort of annoyed that Rhonin was made archmage and the Horde got to enter Dalaran with nary a peep about their tendency to kill all those citizens of Dalaran in Alterac or Silverpine, but I have to admit, Dalaran is an amazing city.

Everywhere you turn, there's something interesting going on, and every shop has its own life. The Architecture is an amazing blend of human and elven styles that looks to have organically evolved from a rich magical culture, and the atmosphere is lively without descending into the constant laughing and lag inducing sparring of the Aldor and the Shattered Sun Offensive that plagued Shattrath's outer ring. It also feels livelier and more city-like than Shattrath's strangely alien fortress and adjoining shanty town.

With that in mind, the first time I got to Dalaran on Beta, I definitely did a lot of just running around, taking in everything and searching through the nooks and crannies... and taking the time to /rude that Mary Sue, Rhonin. After all that, I went and bought myself an ultra cool Ghostly Skull from the sewers for my pet collection. I have yet to decide if he's more of a Murray or a Morte though.

So I'm interested to know, besides running around and gaping at the pretty scenery, what was the first thing you did in Dalaran? What was the first gadget or trinket you indulged in? How magical was your first trip?
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