I Love Katamari rolls (literally) into the iPhone's App Store

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|12.17.08

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We don't cover a lot of games on Engadget Mobile -- or a lot of apps, for that matter -- but every once in a while we get graced with a franchise that's bound to get readers unusually fired up. This time around it's the cult hit Katamari Damacy in its I Love Katamari form, hitting the iTunes App Store courtesy of publisher Namco. The concept -- rolling a giant ball of crap around town -- seems almost tailor-made for the iPhone's control method, but unfortunately, we're hearing that the current version is a little rough around the edges with frequent slowdowns once you get enough stuff sucked into the ball. The platform's young, the game's young, and we're hoping it gets better over time, but only the most diehard Katamari fans may want to bite on the $7.99 asking price at this point.

[Via TUAW]
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