New Play Control! New-ish boxart!

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New Play Control! New-ish boxart!

The packages for the Japanese Play on Wii series feature the original boxarts for the GameCube games framed in a new white border, with a blue bar at the bottom explaining that the games have new Wii Remote-based controls. According to teensy preview images found on, the North American New Play Control! versions of Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis, officially announced just yesterday, will employ the same strategy. As in, exactly the same.

The only difference (aside from the language stuff and the fact that the North American boxart images are used) is that the Play on Wii boxes feature a curved top border in the blue area. If we're lucky, the covers will be reversible like the Japanese ones. We probably won't be that lucky!

We have yet to see the box designs for the European NEW PLAY CONTROL! series. We'll keep you updated, because we love pointing out that the European title for the series seems to officially be NEW PLAY CONTROL! in all caps.

Source: Pikmin
Source: Mario Power Tennis
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