IBM claims title of world's fastest graphene transistor

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Donald Melanson
December 20th, 2008
IBM claims title of world's fastest graphene transistor
As we've seen, plenty of researchers and companies are betting on graphene as being the big thing that will revolutionize transistors and, hence, all manner of electronics, and it looks like IBM is now claiming one of the biggest breakthroughs to date, not to mention the desirable title of "world's fastest graphene transistor." More specifically, IBM researchers have apparently been the first to demonstrate the operation of graphene field-effect transistors at gigahertz frequencies and, apparently even more importantly, they've also established the scaling behavior of the graphene transistors, which they say could eventually lead to the development of terahertz graphene transistors -- or, in other word's, keep Moore's Law around for quite a bit longer than many expected.
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