Real-time online community software, aka 'Voon' enters beta

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|12.19.08

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Real-time online community software, aka 'Voon' enters beta
Just recently, Voon entered its beta for Windows and Mac users, which means almost anyone can download it and give it a go. Although, you may be wondering, "What the heck is Voon?" Simply put, Voon is a sort of online community system that can work like a chat room or like Ventrilo. You just download it and use it, no sever or vast knowledge of VoIP technology needed.

Its users can interact for the sake of argument or they can all discuss a event that's being broadcast through Voon itself. Eventually, Voon users may be able to talk between the Voon client and other Vivox in-game clients such as EVE Online or any Sony Online Entertainment title. Each company will be choosing how such a system might work.

For instance, right now Voon users can listen to daily re-airings of Massively Speaking and comment vocally or textually in real-time with one another as the podcast is being aired to them. It's all very cool and meta -- but in a good way that doesn't make everyone feel a bit uncomfortable. So check it out!

Update: Noted that communication between Voon and in-game clients is something companies get to decide for themselves.
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