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Will there or won't there be a T-Mobile G2 in the near future?

Will there or won't there be a T-Mobile G2 in the near future?
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|December 20, 2008 8:10 PM

T-Mobile and HTC are clearly both pretty committed to Android -- and cheers to that, may we add -- but the real question is: is the "G" series a franchise or a one-hit wonder? And if it's a franchise, just how soon might we see a G2? Logic would suggest that T-Mobile would want to give the G1 a little breathing room before piling on cousins that risk cannibalizing market share, but Cell Phone Signal is claiming we'll see the G2 next month, and what's more, the spec sheet reads like a dream: 5-megapixel autofocus primary cam with VGA secondary cam for video calling, full touchscreen, and WiFi -- in other words, something like the "Touch HD with Android" that everyone had been hoping for. Come on now, video calling? Seriously?

It gets juicier, though. Boy Genius Report has an unconfirmed follow-up rumor citing a tipster that Cell Phone Signal's spec sheet is basically accurate, but that the launch date's been pushed back to April. The tipster goes on to say that the device won't be exclusive to T-Mobile and will be sold elsewhere around the world -- though not under the G series branding -- and it'll lack a QWERTY keyboard but maintain the trackball we all know and love / hate from the G1. Oh, and get this: they claim there's already a G3 in the works, too. Any way you slice it, there are bound to be plenty of Android devices launching around the globe in '09, but if this turns out to be even remotely accurate, is it really the right way for T-Mobile to be going about its business?

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