Sunday Morning Funnies: Smawt in the bwain!

Experience Points by Scott Johnson

In case you might have forgotten, like I almost did, today is yet another Sunday. The stores are crowded, the kids are home from school, and competing to finish your dailies is a little more stressful. Why not relax with your weekly dose of WoW-related comics?

  1. Flintlocke has been terrorizing Darnassus.

  2. Donald's Dedumbification is the latest Dark Legacy Comics entry.

  3. Experience Points examines the economy, and the obviously unforeseen consequences of username choices.

  4. Check out Simple Minds from Extra Life.

  5. Check out LFG's latest.

  6. Noobcow Pugs a Heroic.

  7. Teh Gladiators presents Stupid is the New Black.

  8. WoW, eh? hosts another guest comic.