Niveus and HDGiants link up on movie distribution deal

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We haven't really heard much from the single entity that emerged after VideoGiants and MusicGiants ran full force into one another, but Niveus Media is keeping said outfit relevant by bringing its movie collections to the Media Server and Storage Server – Cargo Edition. Films will be made available to dealers and consumers in packages of 50 ($1,099) or 100 ($2,099) titles, and of course, each title will come with all of the snazzy cover art and metadata to make searching a breeze. At least for now, the flicks are delivered to dealers on hard drives (50+ movies is a lot to download, holmes), but at least you know you'll be getting the best quality material. Full release is after the break.


Niveus dealers and consumers can now purchase HDGIANTS' movie collections for playback on any Niveus Media Server.

HDGIANTS PDF.JPGMilpitas, CA – December 22, 2008 – Niveus Media is teaming up with HDGIANTS to bring collections of the industry's best movies to Niveus customers. HDGIANTS is committed to offering premium digital content that maximizes the capabilities of the Niveus Media Server and new Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition, to deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience. The collections are available in packages of 50 or 100 titles and include top-rated films from major movie studios.

"HDGIANTS gives customers easy access to large collections of high-quality audio and video content which helps Niveus and its dealers demonstrate the increasing flexibility and performance of the Niveus Entertainment System," states Tim Cutting, Niveus Media CEO and Co-founder. "Through its relationships in the movie industry and its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the original audio and video productions, HDGIANTS has developed a niche in the market and has created an engaging and viable solution for our customers."

HDGIANTS acquires the highest quality masters from premier studio partners in order to provide customers with supremely engaging in-home video playback. When loaded onto a Niveus Media Server, HDGIANTS' Collections demonstrate the encompassing functionality of the Niveus Media Server and the new Niveus Movie Library, a proprietary movie management interface which aggregates and displays all movies complete with high-res cover art and detailed metadata. HDGIANTS' movies are integrated with the customer's entire movie collection and are accessible via the Niveus Media Server or connected Media Center Extender, creating a seamless and unified, whole-home movie management experience.

"HDGIANTS is committed to supporting our hardware partners and their custom installers and we consistently work on creating content packages that help drive sales and increase their profit margins," says Scott Bahneman, CEO of HDGIANTS. "The Niveus demo movie collections are a perfect example of a tool that equips dealers with a successful way to showcase a high-end entertainment solution and sell more home theater installations."

As Niveus continues to enhance movie integration with the increasing functionality of the Niveus Movie Library movie management interface and availability of HDGIANTS' premium movie packages, it has become essential to offer a robust storage solution that can house a user's expansive HD movie collection. The Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition, available with up to 16TB of scalable storage, enables secure storage of thousands of movies, complete with expanded metadata and high-resolution cover art. HDGIANTS content stored on the Cargo Edition can be accessed via the attached Niveus Media Server or connected Media Center Extenders.

Additionally, with each movie collection purchased for use on a Niveus Media Server, HDGIANTS will include a $75 music sampler including audio tracks from today's most renowned musicians, allowing the customer to experience Niveus' high-fidelity audio output and elegant music interface.

As an added bonus to dealers, HDGIANTS plans to automatically enroll participating Niveus Authorized Dealers in its dealer program, which promises recurring revenue on all content that a customer purchases.

Featuring hit films from the last 40 years, the HDGIANTS' 50 and 100 movie packages are now available. For more information, please visit
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