Audio details and more character customization in the latest Ask Cryptic

William Dobson
W. Dobson|12.24.08

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Audio details and more character customization in the latest Ask Cryptic
It looks like character customization is still the source of many of the most burning questions for followers of Champions Online, and another handful of these are answered in the latest "Ask Cryptic" feature. We find out that, although there are a number of crazy costume elements like tails, fins and claws, that is all they are intended to be for now -- costume elements. No wicked tail-strikes for the time being, but they haven't ruled this sort of thing out entirely, so keep your flippers crossed.

Another community member asked about the audio in CO, and whether it is an important part of development for Cryptic Studios. In response, they say that they have just tripled the size of their audio team, which roughly translates to "Hell yes audio is important!". Signature villains have unique voices, and ambient sounds and music are being paid particular attention to. The final question asked if the biggest villains (like Foxbat) would have their own musical themes; although it doesn't look like they had planned it before, they certainly sound interested in incorporating it now. Check out the full answers to these questions and a bunch more at the Ask Cryptic page.
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