Yamaha's DVX-700 2.1 HTIB promises "fully convincing surround sound"

We're not too sure why you'd pass on the opportunity to pick up one of Yamaha's phenomenal soundbars, but those who just have to have their speakers and upscaling DVD player match should find oodles to appreciate in the DVX-700. The 2.1-channel HTIB system includes a DVD player that upconverts to 1080p via HDMI along with 210-watts of power spread evenly over the subwoofer and two satellites. Each of the front two speakers include a 2.125-inch driver and 1-inch tweeter, while the subbie houses a 6.5-inch bass blaster. The system's claim to fame is its supposed ability to "deliver fully convincing surround sound performance without requiring multiple speakers to be installed throughout the room." Given just how well it has accomplished that in the past with its soundbars, we don't doubt that this bold claim is accurate; it's just that we're a tad hesitant to cough up $1,199.95 (MSRP) in order to find out.