WarCry explores types of game settings

Alexis Kassan
A. Kassan|12.27.08

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WarCry explores types of game settings
Should MMOs try to become to gaming what Rocky is to movies? A series of sequels with the same base setting, familiar characters, and expected outcomes? Or should they create a new world with each release? This is the debate offered in a recent article from WarCry, exploring the types of intellectual property offered by MMORPGs.

In the past year, we have heard announcements from some of the largest MMO companies that AAA titles were being closed and games with tremendous recognition may not be getting sequels. It seems there is a movement towards the new and unfamiliar out there, even as the lists of new titles are filled with the likes of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe Online. So it begs the question, are the games you're most looking forward to based on what has come before or a fresh new world and lore to explore for the first time?

As a caveat to an example used in Mr. Steinhauer's article, this blogger would point out that the Forgotten Realms setting was originally from Dungeons & Dragons settings and had a rather extensive series of novels behind it.
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