Former Free Radical employee leaks original Star Wars: Battlefront III renders

Updated ·1 min read

Former Free Radical employee Richard Smith has uploaded original renders created for the company in 2007 as part of the production for Star Wars: Battlefront III to his personal blog. The very early renders include images of Han Solo and Sahra The Bounty Hunter. Smith, along with over 75% of his coworkers, was recently laid off from as the developer attempts to sell its studio. Free Radical had previously developed the TimeSplitters series and the poorly received PS3-exclusive Haze.

According to a report on, an unnamed inside source has told the site production of Star Wars: Battlefront III has been taken from Free Radical Design and placed in the hands of Oxford-based Call of Duty: World at War (PS2) developer Rebellion who also developed the 1999 sensation, Alien vs. Predator.