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Gamers on the Street: This year, I resolve ...


Gamers on the Street logs into U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

With Wrath of the Lich King already blipping away on many guilds' radars, a lot of players are plotting their way through existing content (or figuring out how to get into it in the first place and then pick their way through what they feasibly can) before the new content hits. Back in town on a peaceful early morning, you'll find players with a broad view of the things they want to accomplish in the weeks and months ahead – New Year's resolutions for a very Warcraft year.

Gamers on the Street popped into Ironforge on the Warsong server early one frosty, cold morning this week to see what the early birds were planning for 2008. Their ideas, after the break.

Petitejassy, a level 70 gnome mage from <Tenacious>, is certainly up front about what's on her mind: gear. If you ask her what in particular she's working toward, she's quick to link Vindicator's Silk Cuffs, Vindicator's Silk Belt and Vindicator's Silk Footguards. Still, Petite isn't your typical arena-or-bust PvPer – she's simply limited by time. "I do it all – depends on my mood," she notes pragmatically. "I just don't have the time to commit to two to three hours of raiding, is all. If I had more time, I would love to raid more." More hours in the Warcraft day? Hear, hear!

Next, we visited with Aeesha, a level 70 Draenei shaman and GM of <Keepers of Honor>. Aeesha's New Year resolutions were clear-eyed and cogent: "My resolution for the year is to build up my guild and start raiding," she reports. Her small guild of real-life friends is aiming to grow just enough to get into Karazhan. "Our problem is that most of our guild has lives (wives, children, full-time+ jobs), so getting enough people on to do instances can be rough at times," she says. We thought that sounded like a lot to balance, so we asked Aeesha if there was anything she does not want to get into this year. "Loot whores!" she replied unhesitatingly, with a hearty /laugh. "It would just be really nice to become the guild I know we have the potential for," she added. We certainly wish Aeesha and the rest of <Keepers of Honor> all the best luck!

Finally, we chatted with Meisie, a 69 night elf priest from <Pissed Off> (we figured the guild tag had something to do with her almost-but-not-quite-there level – but it turned out she was sweet as a Gingerbread Cookie). A fan of all things Warcraft, Meisie knew exactly what parts of the game she wants to see in 2008: "Well as soon as I hit 70, I'll be off PvPing and doing my attunements. I want to kill Illidan and do Caverns of Time. I will also be working on my rep before the launch of (the expansion)." <Pissed Off> is already prepping for the road ahead by running instances and covering the basics. "Most of us are casual players and older, working already," she explains. In true priestly style, Meisie was ready to face the world with panache: "Bring it on – I'll melt their faces off!"

Gamers on the Street's Lisa Poisso enjoyed her visit to Warsong but was happy to get back to melting faces (a la Meisie) on her own home server. If you'd like to visit with Gamers on the Street about what's going on in your WoW life, drop us a line at

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