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Video: Samsung's RTS-A1100 puts boom in a bubble


In Samsung's vast booth on the floor here in Vegas we stumbled upon this unannounced gem, the RTS-A1100 "media center." Priced at an expected $499 when delivered to the US in second half of 2008, the RTS-A1100 resurrects the ol' iMac case to fine effect. The gestured controlled, 4.3-inch touch interface allows for easy (though often, laggy) navigation of your media. USB and what looks to be a proprietary iPod interface around back can augment the media hosted on the internal 80GB disk. Rounding things out are 2x 20W speakers and CD player capable of ripping your audio direct to disk at 16x. We'll cut 'em some slack on the non-responsive UI for now as this is just a pre-production model. Plenty of pics below with a video demonstration of the UI after the break.

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