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Street Fighter Online ... with mouse controls

Ross Miller

Japanese publisher Daletto, owned by Capcom and Games Arena, have announced (via IGN) Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. The PC title will have you control your characters completely via the mouse: sliding left and right moves the character, slide up jumps and left- and right-clicks give different attacks. Special moves, as you may guess, come via making combinations of slides and clicks. There will be community features based around fighting online.

What also makes the game unique and bizarre (aside from the random cat in the above picture - perhaps it's omnipotent) is the ability to interchange body parts on your character. The game is reportedly about fighting Revoltech toys, which is a line of actual toys planned to be sold alongside the game. As IGN predicts, you could have the head and torso of Chun-Li, the arms of Zangief and the legs of Ryu (the gender identity issues are plentiful).

The game is expected to go into beta February or March, with full service coming in April. No word on a version for non-Japanese gamers.

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