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Rumor: Blizzard working on a cell application for World of Warcraft?

Michael Zenke

Now that would be cool. It's just a rumour, but Pocket Gamer is reporting that Blizzard Entertainment may be working on a cellphone application for World of Warcraft players. They received this information from word on the ground at the Mobile Games Forum event this week, where several people seemed to think this was the real deal. Directly from Vivendi Games Mobile boss Paul Maglione also comes the quote "Mobile aspects will become part of all MMOs."

The article runs down a few possibilities of what could be involved in that mobile application - whether it's a whole new gaming experience, a standalone experience in the WoW lore, or some sort of small way to hook into the larger world of Azeroth.

Cameron at Random Battle has a few thoughts on this subject, seeing the 'hook into Azeroth as the most likely option Blizz/Activision will explore. I tend to agree, as this is something we've seen other Massive developers talk about exploring. CCP has threatened to offer us a way to set skills in Eve Online for some time now, in fact.

What option do you thing Blizzard's mobile app (if it's real) will follow? Would you craft or chat with your guildies from your cell if you had the opportunity?

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