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Rinspeed's sQuba becomes submersible, ridiculous reality


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Rinspeed already got our attention with the concept for its fully submersible sQuba vehicle, but now that they've actually gone and built a fully working prototype we've really got to hand it to 'em. As you can see above, the vehicle is pretty much in line with the concept images, with the always-versatile Lotus Elise serving a base. Of course, that has gone under plenty of modifications, including the addition of two Seabob jet drives, and two extra motors to power 'em, to say nothing of the salt-water resistant interior and DARPA Challenge-tested driverless laser sensor system. Of course, while it's definitely a lot farther along than the last time we saw it, the sQuba's still apparently nowhere being available to the general public, no matter how deep-pocketed they might be. Be sure to hit up the read link below for plenty of pics and an appropriately cheesy video, and look for the car itself to make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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