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Cory Barlog working on 'Mad Max' game with George Miller

Justin McElroy

We were intrigued by yesterday's news that God of War II lead Cory Barlog would be working with George Miller, of Mad Max and soon-to-be Justice League flick fame. But even in our nerdiest fantasies we hadn't let our hearts dream of something this sweet: Barlog and Miller are toiling on a Mad Max action-adventure game, based on Mad Max: Fury Road, an entry in the film series put on hold in 2003 by the Iraq war.

It's in the early stages right now, but expect "melee weapons, projectile weapons and vehicles." Oh, and no Mel Gibson, surprising no one. Even though we don't know much, what more do you need to know? Mad Max. George Miller. Cory Barlog. Two men enter! One game leaves!

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