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Video: AT&T's Surface makes comparing phones, transmitting illnesses a breeze

Chris Ziegler

So what you see here is exactly what AT&T and Microsoft will be deploying to a handful of stores on April 17 -- 12 stores in four cities, to be exact -- and we have to admit, this appears to be a pretty flawless execution of the Surface's user interface concepts and a great business model for the 30 inch, multitouch monster to undertake. Being able to throw down a phone or two and get specs, review plans, and compare features is simply jaw-droppingly cool, though what really got us was another feature that AT&T has apparently been tossing around as a future possibility: device-to-device transfer. The idea is that a customer would walk in to purchase a new phone, place both phones on the surface, and contacts, photos, music, and so on stored on the old handset would appear on the Surface, where they could be selectively dragged to the new one or discarded. Even better, you have the exciting opportunity to pick up the last user's norovirus as you run your hand along the thing. One suggestion, AT&T: keep some bleach handy. Please. For our sake. Follow the break for the video!

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