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Rockstar acquires Mad Doc Software, forms Rockstar New England


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There's a brand new face for us to lovingly stick into our Take-Two Family Album -- Rockstar New England. Take-Two's Rockstar Games has announced the formation of the studio following the acquisition of Andover, MA-based Mad Doc Software, "one of the premier independent development studios in North America." The praise release continues with Rockstar founder, Sam Houser, weighing in on the purchase.

"The team at Mad Doc Software is extremely talented," he said. "Bringing them within the Rockstar Games family will enhance our core technology and further support our commitment to creating progressive and innovative gaming experiences."

C'mon everybody, let's join in singing the praises of the studio that most recently worked on the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition!

What's that? We can't hear you! We seem to be experiencing audio difficulties! Hello?!

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