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Sony's 3.5- and 11-inch OLEDs are just 0.008- and 0.012-inches thin


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Damn, sexy huh? That's Sony's 0.2-mm (0.0079-inch) thin OLED display. Granted, this 3.5-inch prototype is only capable of 320 x 220 pixels, just shy of a cellphone standard QVGA resolution. However, that panel's fracking impressive when compared to those relatively chubby 0.67-mm (and that's a world's slimmest), 320 x 240 pixel LCDs capable of just 2.2-inches of display. And just look at those blacks -- you can barely see the bezel.

Update: Oh my... we just noticed that Sony's also showing off a 0.3-mm thin, 11-inch OLED with 960 x 540 pixel resolution. That's 10x slimmer than Sony's XEL-1 OLED TV. See it pictured after the break.

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