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Medion's Akoya Mini takes aim at the Eee


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The Eee-sparked trend towards smaller, cheaper laptops continues unabated -- which is good news if you like small, cheap things. The latest entry into the ultraportable market comes in the form of the Medion Akoya Mini, a handsome looking entry that clearly aims to compete with ASUS' wunderkind. The 10-inch laptop scores big points right out of the box due to its inclusion of Intel's infamous Atom CPU. The system will feature a traditional hard drive, with some form of Linux on-board, 1GB of RAM standard, two USB ports, a memory card slot, VGA out, and a 1.3 megapixel webcam. No word on if we'll see this in the States, but it's hitting Europe soon with a starting price of €399 (or about $638).

[Via le Journal du Geek; Thanks, Anh]

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