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Ion Storm, Wolfpack vets lift lid off KingsIsle Entertainment

Jason Dobson

When the folks at KingsIsle Entertainment first approached us saying that they were working on something mysterious, we couldn't help but be intrigued. After all, this is a company co-founded by Tom Hall of id Software and Ion Storm fame, not to mention such nostalgic favorites as Commander Keen and Rise of the Triad. Of course, then we heard their project was an MMO, which was about the same time we began to feel uneasy and in need of nearby exit.

Little is known about the new MMO project, save for the fact that it's been under the knife for three years and is one of two projects currently being banged out by the fledgling studio. Still, there's reason to believe that KingsIsle's MMO could turn out something worth looking out for, and not just another corpse on the massively multiplayer Hamburger Hill. Besides Hall, the company is being helmed by former Midway Games vet David Nichols, while development efforts are being led by former Wolfpack Studios president Todd Coleman, who worked on the semi-popular MMO Shadowbane in a previous life.

Even so, with everyone and their brother coming to the table, forks in hand, boasting the 'next great MMO,' it's difficult not to be jaded, so we'll be looking forward to seeing what more comes out of this company in the weeks ahead.

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