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Another "free energy" crazy surfaces, promises solution to all world ills by June 20th


See that scary man? That there is Archer Quinn, self-proclaimed savior of mankind. He's prepping a free energy device that he plans to unveil on June 20th of this year, on which date he predicts "the oil reign and those who governed by their money and crushed the people by the taxes and control of the most basic of needs shall be put down for all time." Yeah, pretty wild stuff. And if that wasn't enough, he's decided to nickname his gravity-based device the "Sword of God." His prior experience involves some sort of "thermal accelerator" (pictured) and a myriad of other inventions, so he doesn't seem to think breaking Newton's laws should be much of a problem. Guess it won't take long to find out. This should be a fun one.

[Thanks Chris; via FE Truth]

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