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Customer service at Pirates of the Burning Sea answers your questions

Andrew Russo

In Pirates of the Burning Sea, finding yourself deep in unfriendly waters without a working compass can be a scary matter. When doubloons vanish, new servers fail to transfer characters, or installations freeze, even the nicest of pirates can start spitting out some nasty language. That 1-800 number or email to a random operator can sometimes lead to even more frustration as emails go unanswered and phone calls remain on hold. For Pirates of the Burning Sea, our glimpse into this dark world of customer service is provided by Misha.

In a recent PotBS devlog, Misha talks about customer service and gives players an update to the source of, or solution to, their troubles. Backlogs, angry pirates shooting cannons, and parrot droppings are major problems, but that is not stopping the team from getting down to business. They have setup a new tier system to get problems solved, offer more foreign language options, and are working on improving their research techniques. There is also a handy PotBS support page with FAQs and solutions to common problems. So if you find yourself all alone on some sandy beach with no rum and no way home, the folks at PotBS want you to know they are launching the rescue party and will arrive shortly.

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