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Meet the Team: Randy Nelson


In the world of professional game blogging, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the bloggers who investigate the stories and readers who make silly comments. These are the first group's stories.
  • Name: Randy Nelson
  • Job Position: New Guy, West Coast Guy, "Who's that guy?"
  • Past Experience: I'm a reformed tree murderer from what your history books refer to as "games magazines." I was the executive editor of the late, great PSM and senior editor on the short-lived Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine ... however, in one of those "full circle" deals, I actually got my first break in the field working on Ultra Game Players' website.
  • Life outside of the 'Stiq: I collect stuff: action figures, movies, computer parts, cats, gadgets, penguins. Can't quite figure out how to build a doomsday device with 'em, though, so I spend most of my downtime snapping photos and playing games with The Navigatrix, a.k.a. my game lovin' girlfriend.
  • Why I'm Blogging: At first it was merely a sort of penance for killing all those poor (mostly) defenseless trees. Now I do it because A) I love games, B) I love to write, and C) I can still hear the trees screaming.
  • First Game Experience: I was born and raised (well, at least raised) in an arcade. The first game I ever put a quarter in was Pac-Man; my first console was an Atari VCS with ... Pac-Man.
  • Favorite Games: Gunstar Heroes, Metal Gear series, Tempest 2000, Ghouls 'N' Ghosts, God of War, Blazing Lazers, Okami, Resident Evil 4, Bioshock, Super Mario Galaxy
  • No matter where you go? There you are.
There's more to come every Tuesday and Thursday.

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