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AT&T hoping to make Mississippi a U-verse state

Darren Murph

You didn't really think AT&T was going to string its U-verse network all the way down to Alabama and not hit up Mississippi for some business while it was around, did ya? According to an article in the Sun Herald, the aforesaid carrier has "introduced its new U-verse television network to the Biloxi City Council, which tabled a resolution to approve the service until the lawyers can agree on a contract." AT&T has already agreed to share 3-percent of its gross revenue with the city, and we're also told that the agreement has been "unanimously passed in Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Harrison County and Moss Point and will be considered by Jackson County, Pass Christian, Long Beach and other Coast communities." We're no experts on wading through red tape, but it sure sounds like the fiber-based service isn't too far away.

[Thanks, Robby]

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