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Namco Bandai publishing Square Enix-owned Soul Eater


Square Enix was awarded the Wii license for the Soul Eater manga by the property's publisher ... Square Enix. Their Soul Eater: Monotone Princess is a third-person 3D hack & slash set in the manga's universe. Despite the apparent nepotism, Square Enix's publishing arm and its little video game business aren't as exclusive as they may seem: for some reason, Namco Bandai has the license for a DS game based on the franchise. Namco Bandai has chosen to create ... a third-person 3D hack & slash!

Despite being developed by different companies for different systems, Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou (Medusa's Plot) looks extremely similar to the Wii game, in terms of environment, perspective, and overall presentation (cutscenes involving dialogue delivered by still character portraits). Two games in the same genre based on the same license will naturally look similar, but we think this goes beyond a signature look. Or maybe not. Compare for yourself after the break!

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