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Homebrew returns just in time for WiiBrator

Eric Caoili

As soon as Nintendo released its anti-Twilight Hack patch in an attempt to stifle the Wii's homebrew scene, programmers set to work on finding vulnerabilities with the new firmware. They understood that there was more at stake than just homemade applications and games -- the very future of Wii teledildonics was at risk.

Fortunately, an update re-enabling the Twilight Hack was put out just in time for Team DWiildo's WiiBrator release. We're sure you can figure out how it works. Of course, PC applications interfacing with the Wii remote have provided similar functions in the past, but this "advanced vibrator simulator" is actually run through Nintendo's console.

We, uh, haven't tried out the technology demo ourselves, but it sounds like an excellent alternative to spending $50+ at the local Hustler shop for a buzzing piece of cheap, fluorescent-colored plastic. Team Dwiildo also has intriguing ideas for upcoming versions, including an image slideshow and online support for up to 32 players. Ambitious!

If you decide to try out the WiiBrator program, Team Dwiildo suggests that you use the remote jacket for enhanced comfort. Also, they very much advise against using the application with either the Wii Zapper or Wii Wheel peripherals attached.

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[Via DCEmu]

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