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Dissidia: Final Fantasy script longer than Crisis Core's

Alan Tsang

Another Japanese magazine, Dengeki Playstation, published yet another interview with the Dissdia: Final Fantasy team. The gang consisting of producer Tetsuya Normura, senior director Takeshi Arakawa and planning director Mitsunori Takahashi were present to answer some burning questions fans had about the game.

Takahashi started off by stating only 20% of the game has been shown thus far and a "solid release date" will be announced at an event in August. He asserts that fans who are comfortable with the original RPGs should be a-okay with Dissidia, which is labeled an "Action-RPG plus competitive fighting." Storywise, Nomura said he made Tidus' counterpart Jecht rather than Seymour because Seymour lacked a "proper connection" with Tidus. Arakawa then assured us they are still in the process of "fine tuning the original story details behind the characters' births, relationships, interactions."

Arakawa also mentioned an online feature tentatively named "Battling Community" where the focus is "being connected to others trying to discover their own merits" and less focus on "things like battle strength/ranking." Finally, he disclosed a rather startling fact: "the script is double the length of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII." Read the entire translated interview here.

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