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Engadget HD Podcast 093 - 07.16.2008

Trent Wolbe
We kick things off talking about the Playstation Network's video downloads to the PS3 and PSP; it's a new service, but with pricing and terms that seem oddly familiar. Not as familiar, though, as ripping your own content -- which seems unlikely to ever go away, no matter how low the prices on recorded media gets. Our online Engadget HD community turned out in big numbers to make Amazon the favorite place to get Blu-ray discs, easily outpacing brick and mortar giant Best Buy. No tech podcast this week would be complete without mention of the iPhone, and we talk about the state of apps for the uber-gadget to automate your home, both commercial and open-source. For PCs, TotalMedia Theatre seems like a winner, even though it alienates the 64-bit crowd -- it's unfortunate, but we don't see much need for 64-bit addressing in Vista MCE, anyways. Despite losing AMC-14 earlier this year, DISH keeps rolling out HD channels, and by some counts has even pulled ahead of DirecTV. Also getting off the ground is CBS's new HD production studio, and we're waiting for the goodies that are to come after the premiere of CBS Evening News in HD. Like, for example, more Olympic coverage in HD! We all know HD sports are preferable to being at the live event, and it might be double true given the smog in China. We wrap up by giving our old pal TiVo a critical look -- the latest features are welcome, but they have a note of "what took you so long" to them.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

00:54 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 092 - 07.09.2008
07:09 - Playstation Network gets movie / TV download service, single sign-on across devices
11:38 - Study finds that one-third of consumers copy DVDs
16:39 - Warner set to lower Blu-ray Disc prices for the holidays
18:24 - Poll: Where do you buy your Blu-ray Discs?
19:49 - Microsoft adds Universal, NBC to Xbox Live Marketplace, calls #1 in HD
22:02 - iPhone App Store to host loads of home automation programs
27:25 - ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre gets reviewed, loved
30:37 - DISH to roll out 17 new HD channels on August 1st
33:38 - CBS News fleshes out high-def plans
35:10 - NBC lays out 2008 Beijing Olympics coverage plans
39:04 - TiVo's 9.4 update trickling out to Series 3 / TiVo HD users


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