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Put a bit of yourself in Sonic and the Black Knight


You might be feeling disheartened about not hearing back from the organizers of the Little King's Story "UMA" Contest, a competition that gave fans a chance to have their art appear in the game. But don't pack your crayons away and sulk just yet, because Sega is offering the exact same prize for Sonic and the Black Knight.

If you're over 13 years of age, reside in the U.S. or Canada (there will be a European contest in the future), and are willing to draw Sonic or one of his awful friends, then get entering! If you're one of the twenty artists selected by Sega, your art will appear in the title, and you'll get a free copy of the game.

Did we say twenty? We meant nineteen. Naturally, we're super-duper drawers and color-inners, so you may be lucky enough to have your art placed next to ours in Sonic's world! That's right: we just asked you to bring it.

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