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Metallica's 'Death Magnetic' album for Guitar Hero 3 this Friday, forward compatible with World Tour


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Beginning this Friday, September 12th, you can get a jump on building your Guitar Hero World Tour library by purchasing the new Metallica album, Death Magnetic, on Xbox Live (1440 / $18) or PSN ($17.99) -- you can even practice the guitar parts using Guitar Hero 3. In other words, the DLC album, which happens to be releasing day and date with the not-for-toy-instruments version, is compatible with both games, but you'll have to wait until World Tour is released in late October to channel your inner Lars or reach deep inside your chest cavity to unleash your best Hetfield impersonation. What you will get on Friday, assuming you do have a copy of Guitar Hero 3, is access to two exclusive cuts of "Suicide & Redemption" with extended solos by Hetfield and Kirk Hammett.

"We're proud to be setting a new precedent for our two industries, making an entire new album available in two different mediums simultaneously," Activision's Tim Riley boasted. How about you do us one better? An entire new album available in two different mediums in one download! We'd sure like to export those tunes to our Zune iPod as we wait for World Tour. (But maybe that's just a pipe dream.)

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