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SDHC driver released for Palm OS devices


It looks like those still hanging onto a slightly aging Palm OS device now have a new option that'll let 'em breath a bit of new life into it, as one Dmitry Grinberg has released a driver that adds SDHC card support to a whole host of the devices. That includes the Tungsten T, C, E2, and T5, the LifeDrive, the Palm TX, and the Zire 31 and 72 -- support for other devices, including the Tungsten T3 and, yes, even the Tapwave Zodiac, is also promised. That boost in storage doesn't come free, however, but we're guessing there's at least a few Palm loyalists out there that'll gladly accept the $21 price tag to get a taste of what 32GB of storage is like.

[Via TamsPalm]

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