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Raptr adds Warhammer Online support

Kyle Horner

It looks like the guys an gals over at Raptr were listening when we asked for Warhammer Online support, because as of today it's here. The service will track your characters' items and stats through a module on your Raptr page so anyone can see what you're wearing whenever they like. Your Raptr status will also update whenever you gain a new piece of equipment, level or renown rank. Bragging rights have always been an important component in completing any MMORPG experience and with the additional support of Raptr you can really rub that purple "Sword of Bowel Movement" into everyonce's faces. Not you'd want to, considering the implied usage of your epic equipment.

As long as we're feeling like we may have a little pull here (though this is probably all coincidental) we would also suggest adding support for other MMO titles like Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest 2, City of Heroes and Guild Wars. We've got plenty of friends who play more than one MMO at a time and being able to keep track of them all would certainly be nice.

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