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    Western Digital's 4TB ShareSpace NAS gets introduced and reviewed

    Darren Murph

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    It's no Drobo, but Western Digital is dabbling in the NAS space with its minty fresh ShareSpace 4TB Network Storage System. Aimed primarily at small business users and "multimedia" junkies, the 4-bay NAS comes with gigabit Ethernet, support for multiple RAID configurations, and even the ability to act as an iTunes music server. Not too many surprises beyond that -- well, aside from the $999.99 price tag; if that's too rich for your blood, the 2TB version can be had right now for three Benjamins less. As for real-world performance? We're told it's a "great NAS for the money and one of the better picks in its category." We're serious, check it out below.

    [Via HotHardware]
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