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Resident Evil 5 producer: Wii can't handle RE5's title screen

There are many writers on the Joystiq payroll who are of the firm opinion that the Wii incarnation of Resident Evil 4 was the best version of the multi-platform title. That's why we were understandably disappointed when it was outed that Resident Evil 5 would not be coming to Nintendo's console -- though according the game's producer, Masachika Kawata, a Wii port of RE5 was never a remote possibility. Due to the game's graphical improvements over the previous installment, "The title screen of this couldn't have been done on PS2 or Wii," Kawata explained in a recent GameTrailers interview.

Nintendo fanboys shouldn't be too disheartened by this somewhat brash claim -- in a later, seperate interview with GameTrailers, Jun Takeuchi, yet another producer for the title, said that Capcom would love to continue the Resident Evil franchise on the Wii, though such a reunion is "a couple of years down the road."

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