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GHWT drum tuning app now available, Red Octane shipping midi-USB cables for free

Well, dear readers, we've got good news and we've got bad news ... and then we've got good news again. The (first) good news -- the promised Guitar Hero: World Tour drum tuning application is now available for download on Red Octane's customer support site. The bad news is that the application requires you to connect your drum kit to your computer using a midi-USB cable, which we imagine few of you actually possess. The (second) good news -- Red Octane is shipping these cables, free of charge, to anyone who requests one on their support site.

We suppose it's bad news that we'll be waiting for these cables to ship before we can give our drum kits some much-needed sensitivity training -- on the other hand, the fact that we won't be dealing with any suggestive, RealDoll-sized replacement boxes (or the resulting judgment from nosy neighbors) is good news indeed.

[Thanks, Eric G.]

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