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Activision acquires Budcat for 'new game in the Guitar Hero franchise'

Ross Miller

Franchise-loving publisher powerhouse Activision Blizzard announced today that it has acquired Budcat Creations, the studio responsible for all Guitar Hero titles on the PlayStation 2 since GH3. According to the press release, Budcat is "currently in development on a new game in the Guitar Hero franchise." Our guess is a PS2 port of the perpetually teased Guitar Hero Metallica.

With the exception of one outlier (Aspyr Media, who ported GH3 to PC and Mac), Activision Blizzard has now locked in what we affectionately dub the "Guitar Hero sweatshop." With Neversoft at the helm, Budcat is working with PS2 and Vicarious Visions will be responsible for Wii and DS versions. At the time of acquisition, Budcat was also reportedly working on the Wii's Our House for publisher Majesco.

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