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The Queue: Feasting and Fishing

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Welcome back! Since yesterday's picture of Malygos was so awful, I decided to give up on his righteous beard and take a picture of his lightning breath instead. Yeah, see that up there? It hurts. It hurts a lot. Just trust me on that. Let's get into the Q&A now, eh?


Why is it that tanks are always the group leaders? Why are we always expected to mark mobs? Every time I get in a group to tank for it I will always get thrown the leader. I don't really mind, but at least once I want to get in a group where someone else was willing to mark for me, instead of the other way around.

It's usually the tank's job to set the pace of combat. Not always, but usually. The tank knows what they want to tank, the tank knows what they tend to have trouble with and want crowd controlled, and the tank is the first one into combat and should be ahead of the pack. The tank should know exactly where each mob needs to be when a pull starts. What will she/he be tanking, and what will be sapped/kittened/feared? It's more important for the tank to know where each individual mob is. The Mage or Rogue or whatever doesn't need to know all of that. It's better for the tank to do it in most cases.

Zoidberg asked...

What's with the cooking daily quest? It seems to give out cooking currency, but I can't spend the currency in a useful way until I hit 400 cooking. Should I level my cooking to 400 on [Feast]?

Feasts or green recipes. Tradeskills overall take a little more effort now than they did in The Burning Crusade. Rather than your last 10-15 points in a tradeskill being back-breakingly expensive, the whole leveling process is a bit more difficult to make a better curve. So yes, you can either skill up on Feasts or the wide variety of green recipes you have at that level. If you're a raider, Feasts are actually very useful and mass producing those will be nice to keep costs down on individual raiders. It's more 'efficient' to mass produce feasts, if not the best food in the game for min-maxing If you like Fishing, you can skill fishing at the same time since a lot of your current green recipes are fish. Be warned, you'll be fishing for a long time.

Terethall asked...

How much gnome could the Lich King punt if the Lich King could punt gnomes?

All of them, plus a Dwarf.

Darkwind asked...

Have any of the WoW Insiders come across any Tailoring dailies? I've seen JC, LW and Cooking dailies for tokens, but nothing evident for Tailoring.

Only certain professions have dailies like that right now, not all of them. Tailoring doesn't have any, neither does Blacksmithing or Engineering or a few other ones. It wouldn't surprise me if we saw more of those types of things in a future patch, because they add some nice flavor to otherwise boring profession work. I don't really know that for sure, though.

Algathar asked...

I want to ask a question about Naxxramas concerning the final wing of the raid, the Frostwyrm Wing. I know that the first four wings must be cleared in order to access it, but will this be something you need to do each time the raid resets, or is it a one-off unlock and that's it? Also, does everyone in the raid group have to have cleared the first four wings in order to access the final wing, or does just one person need to be able to access it in order for everyone to enter? Thanks.

It just opens up after the four wings have been cleared, like a gate... except it's a teleportation device. You don't attune to it or anything like that, so you need to clear the entirety of Naxx every reset. As long as you're in a raid with a raid ID that has this area opened up, you can go to it, even if only one of the people in your raid originally cleared up to that point. Just make sure that one person isn't stealing the Raid ID from its original group, eh?

Clasifyd asked...

What's the deal with 'The Sunreavers' faction? I'm neutral with them now, and as far as I can see, there's no way to gain rep with them, and they don't have a quartermaster so far as I can see. Will these guys be 'used' with or after Uludar, or are they just hanging out to make a blood elf presence?

The other day we had a Wrath 101 post that goes into all of that stuff in some detail, so you might want to give that a look. It has a basic look at all of the factions and reputations in Wrath, including that one.
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